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White lime honey, like any other, has a very complex composition, which includes not even tens, but hundreds of substances. If to speak, than this type is allocated, its properties are those:
This is one of the sweetest mead. In its composition, useful glucose and fructose are divided almost equally (the second usually still slightly prevails). To the pleasant sweet taste, a bitter bitterness is sometimes added, but it only ennobles the bouquet.
It has more than other forms of maltose, giving it the properties necessary to improve the digestive process.
White lime honey is enriched with organic acids, especially such as ascorbic, pantothenic and nicotine. Due to their presence, the product has increased antibacterial properties. (That's why it was so appreciated by our grandmothers!).
It is more than in other mead, apple and gluconic acids. These inorganic substances are needed by the human body.


Maple honey from Perga delicate light-green maple flowers, reminiscent of panicles. Delicious maple honey is produced everywhere due to the wide range of growth of unpretentious trees.
This mature maple honey is not considered the best delicious treat, but also a wonderful medicine for raising immunity, for fighting inflammatory skin diseases, internal organs, rich in vitamins. In addition, it is an excellent diet food and cosmetic. Maple honey has been known for a long time, it is recommended to be used as food for the treatment of various diseases.


Amur phellodendron - rare honey, extracted from a rather exotic plant, which grows only in the Far East. Due to its high nutritional and healing properties, nectar can be consumed both as delicious delicacy and for medical purposes. The most important thing is to buy real honey from Amur velvet.


The natural floral product is enriched with microelements, amino acids, proteins and specific sugars. In its composition, hundreds of substances can be isolated. It is used as a valuable dietary product, a useful biological supplement. It is recommended for beriberi, skin diseases, gastrointestinal problems and colds. Men use this product as an adjunct to the treatment of prostatitis, with problems in the genital area. Caloric content and the ability to quickly digest are highly valued by athletes.

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